Sometimes Nails are Meant for Tipping & Mirrors for Painting

My $1 store find BeforeAndAfter AND how to do your own French tips for girls with short nails

Nails are important to me, like they are for many girls. They are kept up and painted. If they aren’t then most likely there is something up with me. Not to say that I haven’t had perfect nails during the worst of times. I admit that nails do say a bit about a person. One day while sitting in a company meeting dozing in and out, the owner of the company said the most absurd thing about a woman and her nails. “A woman with chipped nails is a woman who wears dirty panties.” What? How innappropriate! Mysogonistic! Do you look at my nails and then judge\think about my underwear? Perv. Nails may say something about you but certainly nothing to do with the state of your underwear. Is this a saying I’m totally unaware of? The whole thing really just makes me laugh, it was so out of left-field. NOW for the Scotch Tape French tip manicure:


Two polish colors, clear polish and scotch tape.
Step 1: Polish your nails with polish 1 and let dry
Step 2: Cover each nail with Scotch Tape leaving your nail tips exposed
Step 3: Paint tips with polish 2 and let completely dry before removing tape
Step 4: Peel off tape and apply clear coat!
The colors that I used I made myself and will later do a how-to on that. This tape technique works best on shorter nails because there is no need for a curved line on short nails.



I really like dollar stores, really like them. Not just because everything is only $1 but more because they are so RANDOM. That just so happens to be my thing. So the other day I stopped into Dollar Tree and a pink little girls compact caught my eye. I searched through the mess of that store and found one more, purchased both and painted one thus far. I’m pretty happy with it for just being a $1 store buy. It just needed a little paint, decoupaged card stock and a sealer. I now have a cute new compact for my bag!
“The best mirror is an old friend.” -Peter Nivio Zarlenga

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Nails are Meant for Tipping & Mirrors for Painting

  1. OMG! My nails are chipped! Haha I need to go paint stat! My underwear is clean!

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