DIY No Sew Bow and My Favorite Red Lipstick

ImageImageBows are fun and are a pretty big trend for girls right now. Especially big bows, they’re sold everywhere and when you know how easy it is to make a bow you realize they are also generally way overpriced. It’s as easy as buying some fabric and glue or even taking an old piece of clothing you have in your closet. I chose to make a medium-small hair bow and this is how you do it. This will probably take you ten minutes, possibly less. You will need: Fabric for the bow and extra for it’s middle and superglue or fabric glue.

Step one:

Take a rectangle piece of fabric. However large or small, depending on the size you would like to create your bow. Just make sure you leave enough room for some folding.

Step Two:

Fold down the top of your fabric and apply glue to corners ( fabric glue or super glue if your fabric is thick enough that it won’t seep). Now repeat this with the bottom and both sides, each time gluing the corners and keep in mind you want to maintain a rectangle. A square won’t work

Step Three:

Turn your bow around and pinch the middle in. You’ll see the bow form.

Step Four:

Take your spare piece of fabric and wrap where you’ve pinched the bow once and when it’s where you like,  glue the two ends together. That’s it.

I chose to put a bobby pin through the middle for a hair bow but you can do anything you’d like with it.

On to the next:

I’ve definitely been a bit down these past few days. Down like, do I really have to take a shower? So I decided to make a day for myself and that had to begin with my favorite red lipstick. It’s like confidence in a tube. Somehow red lips just feel powerful and I could use some of that feeling. Anyhow its true red Lip Pigment LipMix from MAC. It’s honestly the best red ever. It looks good on everyone and it’s truly red. Nothing else. It’s undertones are mixed equally so it really has no other significant underlying pigment. Like most either have blue, orange, yellow or pink. Anyhow it’s a little tricky to get I’ve found; it is apparently sold only to very few of the MAC Pro shops. The only place that I know of that carries it is the MAC Pro in Las Vegas at Caesars. Apparently they are contracted with Cirque du soleil and have some exclusive products but you can order from them. And if you’re looking for a perfect red, whatever skin tone you have I would recommend giving this a shot. I’ve tried a million and this has put the search to an end for over 4 years now. Not only does the color please me but the color sets, truly sets. I’ve had many crazy night and have woken up not knowing what the hell happened and how my hair got the way it did but my lips are perfect still. And it doesn’t flake! They need to sell this everywhere.  Image

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
Judy Garland

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6 thoughts on “DIY No Sew Bow and My Favorite Red Lipstick

  1. I am definitely trying to make these bows. I will have to get that lipstick! EMBRACE THE RED! Feel better!

  2. happyhandmadelife on said:

    Loving your bow, I want to make several with different colors and patterns 🙂

  3. ilmozart on said:

    I have spent years looking for “the perfect red”. That one looks awesome! I used to have a Dior that was pretty good, but not as deep. (If only I had the courage to wear it more frequently)

    • It really is so hard to find “the one”. Try wearing your lipstick when you’re just around the house, you’ll get used to it and it will take less courafe to wear out! I love your gravatar, any picture of Amy Sedaris makes me laugh.

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