French Vanilla Raspberry 4th of July cake balls


I needed to bake a dessert for the Fourth of July festivities and I see cake pops and cake balls everywhere and I’ve wanted to try it myself so today was a good excuse for me to do so. Although it isn’t a challenging task, it certainly felt like it took forever. Mostly because it has to be cooled and then chilled a few times, i’m just not that patient sometimes. All in all for my first attempt they turned out pretty well and no doubt delicious. If you’d like to give this dessert a try then start off first with just baking a cake.

let the cake cool for about 10-15 minutes and transfer to a bowl(let it fall apart). Once in the bowl use a whisk or wooden spoon to destroy the cake until it is in fine crumbs like the 2nd photo. Once you’ve done this you will start to add in the frosting (I used store bought French vanilla and a little over half the container). Mix well and start to form little cake balls (melon scoops work well for even balls). I made mine a little larger than I’ve seen. Once all the balls were formed I placed them in the fridge for about two hours to set. After they had set I melted a package of white chocolate chips and proceeded to roll about 3 at a time so that I was able to add a bit of sprinkles and a raspberry on top. After you finish the batch it’s back to the fridge for about another hour. They were definitely worth making and I may even have to make another batch for tomorrow seeing as quite a few have already disappeared.

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