Psychedelic Summer

Needed cute colorful nails for my outfit today so I used the tie-dye quick marbling nail technique. This technique always turns out neat and it’s pretty easy and quick.


If you want to give this a try you will just need at least 3 colors of nail polish, bowl of water, orange stick (or sewing needle) and polish remover. 

Choose your colors (If they aren’t bright and solid colors then I would recommend a white base coat before you begin)

Once you fill your bowl with water you want to saturate your nail brush with polish (enough to create a drip-off)

You want to allow the polish to drip off the brush into the water and the trick with this is to get as close to the waters surface as possible. If you hold the brush too far away, the polish will just drip and sink. You want it to float

Just repeat that step with the rest of the colors you have chosen layering the next drip over the last(with the tie-dye technique you aren’t going to spread the polish the way you need to in order to get the “marble” effect)

Dip your finger straight down into the water over your paint and pull it out, when you do this the paint will lift out and start to spread across your nail. Because of the water the nail polish should spread and cover the entire nail but if it misses your corners at all then use the orange stick to gently push the paint into them.

You do this to each nail and then finish with a top coat and yay! they’re cute and fun.ImageImage

To use your head, you have to go out of your mind.
-Timothy Leary

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5 thoughts on “Psychedelic Summer

  1. Very cute. Love this idea!

  2. happyhandmadelife on said:

    I will definitely try this.

  3. For the life of me I can’t do this, always turns out silly! 😛 It looks so nice on your nails!

    • Keep trying, it may just take a bit of practice! The fun part about it is how different the results each are. The trick is just to pick colors that work well together. And thanks for the compliment! (:

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