The News and Nails

I was painting my nails today intending on doing a newspaper print finish when I realized that I don’t get the paper. Not wanting to go out and actually purchase one, I opted to check the neighborhood. And it turns out no one gets the paper anymore! Now I know we hear this all the time, but I just REALIZED it. Not a big deal or anything, we get it electronically but just a realization of change.  As a young kid I used to walk the neighborhood occasionally and steal people’s newspapers and sell it back to them. Obviously looking back they must have known and thought it was funny or adorable. Glad I got out of that business.

Newspaper nails:

Rubbing alcohol (vodka works as well)

Newspaper (found a piece from a box of fragiles)

White or any color that black will show on

And of course a Top Coat

Apply two coats of polish and let FULLY dry. Once dry soak your nails in a bowl of alcohol for about 20 seconds and shake off. Apply newspaper pieces to top of each nail, pressing firmly and then slowly peel back the paper. You can cut out words, letters or even layer letters over each other. Then apply top coat.

Todays isn’t the best example but i’m still happy with them and I must say that they look better in person.


I remember the huge newspapers dying like huge moths… No one even wanted them back. No one even missed them.      -Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451)

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8 thoughts on “The News and Nails

  1. cestlaviedegrace on said:

    really do love this – I actually tried it out last week and loved the result! Good job 🙂

  2. So creative! Even from the photos they look fantastic!

  3. So cool! How long does it last?

  4. This post is fantastic. A little fashion, a little anecdote, and a Bradbury quote for the cherry on top – well blogged!


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